Our Story

Searching for the best quality produce and tantalizing fruit is a never-ending quest. Only when it makes your mouth water does Richard say, “It’s the best!” For over 36 years our founder has been in pursuit of delivering only the tastiest products. Flavorful Fresh is a place where we bring in new products daily, fresh and tomorrow is always better. We take pride in delivering wonderfulness right to your door, right when you need it. Flavorful Fresh is the never-ending search for the best quality and most delicious treats – we invite you to join us on the adventure for flavor!

Always Truthful

At Flavorful Fresh, relationships are key to our operations with growers and retailers. To obtain and nurture our relationships, we place great emphasis on trust. Whereas many other wholesalers might choose to prioritize margins, we know that focusing on quality and consistently providing first rate items to our customers will result in stronger long-term relationships.


Careful in All Aspects

We take pride in the caliber we’re known for and we are careful to maintain this standard. To do so, we put the utmost care into evaluating all of the produce we source and sell to ensure it meets our flavorful standards. You won’t find anyone compromising on quality here!

In addition to caring about the produce we sell, we also recognize that it is thanks to the many relationships we put time and effort into cultivating that we are able to consistently provide fresh, excellent produce.


Plentiful For All

The success of our produce wholesaler isn’t our own. Family-owned and operated by the same team for several years now, we believe in spreading goodwill and trust for everyone. We happily share our team’s success with our growers and buyers as well, so that all of us can continue to prosper together.

Long Term & Short Term Cold Storage

Flavorful Fresh is proud to present our brand new cold storage facility, now available for both short-term and long-term cold storage.

Right in the Heart of Texas

Our warehouse and distribution center is right in southeast Texas, making it the prime location for us and our partners. With the Pacific and Atlantic coasts easily accessible, we can work with countless vendors who wish to sell the exquisite produce we are known for sourcing–all while minimizing travel times and keeping our products fresh.

Our warehouse, office, and distribution center are all in the same facility. This makes it easy to handle all the careful logistics required to safely transport your produce. You are always welcome to visit our facility and taste your delicious fruits and vegetables!

Who do we work with?

As a produce wholesaler and supply-chain mediator, we are always open to partnering with farmers and manufacturers alike that supply great products. With our vast network of market-ready consumers looking for quality items, the high standards we continuously uphold, and our highly-trained staff, rest assured that we will take proper care of your goods.

Within our connections to retailers, the food service industry, second-hand distributors, grocery chains, and more, we expect that your product will easily find its way into the public.

Our partners in the food service industry love our five-star product selection, dependability, and time-saving services. If you'd like to improve your stock with high-quality produce, please reach out. We are sure to have something that will meet your needs.

Partner With Flavorful Fresh

We are incredibly passionate about irresistible produce and forming lifelong relationships. If you would like to partner with us, please contact us. Tasty is our quality, and we look forward to sharing it!


About Flavorful Fresh

Flavorful Fresh is a Houston-based produce wholesaler & distribution company committed to providing top-quality produce to wholesalers, retailers, and more. In addition to putting great care into the fruits and vegetables we source, we are also dedicated to forming long-term relationships with growers and buyers alike.

Flavorful Fresh Inc.