Fara Coffee is exported from Nicaragua to Austin, Texas where they roast each batch with special attention. In order to achieve top quality and consistency, the coffee beans are carefully processed to preserve their full body, bright acidity, and exceptional aroma.

Fara Coffee proudly oversees each step of production, from planting to roasting and packaging.  Their priority and ours is to ensure their customers will taste quality and care in every cup.


Flavorful Fresh is the trusted source for the freshest and highest-quality produce for wholesalers and retailers in the Texas area.

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Fara Coffee - Signature Roast
A medium black roast from Nicaragua  and Sumatra Indonesia.  Richly aromatic, bold and full-bodied earthy notes and spices. Recommended to brew with French press or Aeropress.
Your everyday morning coffee to start the day!
Deep dark roast with smooth notes of chocolate and caramel, single origin coffee perfect for a simple cup or flavorful espresso. Recommended to brew with French Press or Espresso.
Strong to wake for the day or a mid-day coffee fix.
Fara Coffee - French Roast
Aromatic and deliciously flavored with the subtle sweetness of roasted hazelnut.
Great when you just need to relax and unwind for the day.
Fara Coffee - Hazelnut
Smooth buttery flavor.
Nice for your afternoon tea break.