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Mission Statement

Establishing to be the most trusted source for everyday produce including exquisite tropical fruits, vegetables, and speciality products - all to enliven your lifestyle.  

Specializing in connecting our community with domestic and international suppliers - we deliver a unique take on what is flavorful and fresh.

Our brand isn’t just a name, it’s a guarantee.

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About Us

YOUR Full-service produce wholesaler & DISTRIBUTION COMPANY

Flavorful Fresh was recently established in 2019 but is actually an extension of the long-standing Green and Fresh Produce Group from Houston, Texas.

Founded in 1986, the Green and Fresh Produce Group was the first produce company to bring high-quality oriental vegetables to the Texas area and still does so to this day.  The founder, Richard, always made it his goal to make sure their reputation was known for only having the best-quality vegetables without fail and slowly expanded their scope into offering delicious fruits as well.

After 30+ years of hard work and continual success into expanding into new sectors outside of the Asian vegetable market - there was a new opportunity to bring the same high-quality standards and service that they had long been known for underneath a new brand.

Flavorful Fresh was created to continue sourcing excellent-quality everyday produce, such as carrots, apples, and what you would normally find in your local supermarket. Also additionally, bringing the new diversity in also carrying oriental vegetables, tropical fruits, and even exciting lifestyle products.

Why work with Flavorful Fresh?

Recognized for having a reputation for always aiming for the best-quality seasonal produce around and having lasting relationships within the food-service industry - this is only possible through consistency of our standards.

Historically, when we select produce and companies to be marketed and distributed, we always ensure that the ideal quality so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.  We carry only top-shelf product for retailers to sell at a profit and for consumers to be satisfied thoroughly.  If the quality doesn't meet our standards, we won't cut corners to make it work.  We would rather not provide it, despite any demand.

Our Culture

Entrusting us with your produce, you can expect that we will go the extra steps to make sure that our culture is to find the perfect solution for you.  Along with getting the best product at a reasonable price, we know our reliability, accuracy, and flexibility will result in a situation where both parties are happy.

Our established reputation and services distribution, storage, transportation, and marketing is backed by our consistency in a few key areas...

Customer First

We trust that you are coming to us with genuine needs or concerns and we are always there to help address them.

Whether it's helping you source your product or entrusting us with your produce - we make sure that we have the perfect solution for you.

Flavorful Fresh always works to ensure our services are beneficial to our customers first and foremost.

Quality Always

Produce and ingredients of the highest quality have always been our top priority when deciding what to offer our customers.

We simply won't put carry products that don't meet our standards and our name sake.

When we select something to be part of our rotating selection - it is our guarantee that it will be flavorful, fresh, and always exceed your expectations.

Dynamic Seasonality

By having strong relationships with both domestic and international producers, we maintain a foothold on having options so your produce won't run dry.

We love providing seasonal fruits all-year round, with little to no breaks in between of your favorite selections.

With Flavorful Fresh, you won't miss a step by having a supply of delicious seasonal produce.

Right in the Heart of Texas

Exactly located in southeast Texas, lies our warehouse and distribution center.  This gives us a prime location in the mid-point of the North America and bordering South America.

This gives both us and our partners the advantage of having both the Pacific and Atlantic coast easily accessible.  This is perfect for marketing and distribution to vendors in every direction, while keeping handling of any product as fresh as possible and minimizing travel time.

Our facility makes handling your product logistically sound, especially when dealing with produce.  We constantly plan for the shortest distance to and from our distribution center and make sure nothing is left in refrigeration for extended amounts of time.

Who do we work with?

Specializing as a produce wholesaler and supply-chain mediator, we are always open to partnering with suppliers of great products from any farmers or manufacturers.  With our vast network of market-ready consumers looking for quality items and our warehouse of highly-trained staff will ensure the proper care and distribution of your goods.

Within our connections to retailers, food service industry, second-hand distributors, grocery chains, and more - we expect that your product will easily find it's way into the public.

Our partners in the food service industry love our product selection, dependability, and time-saving services.   If you'd like to improve your stock with high-quality products, we are sure to have something that will get your interest.

While we don't transact in small amounts, feel free to reach out to get information on where you can locate our product.  If you can see where we fit into your scope of operations, don't hestitate to contact us to see how we can help.